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September 29, 2023


GLCLC  Decision

Appeals 4th Dist. Div1

Audra Eckerle

Appeals 4th Dist. Div2

McKenzie Cantrell

Bullitt County Jailer

Bryan Whitaker (R)

Bullitt County Magistrate Dist. 01

Herb Hibbs

Circuit Judge Dist.30 Div.04

Julie Kaelin

Circuit Judge Dist. 30 Div. 05

Tracy Davis

Circuit Judge Dist. 30 Div. 07

Ted Shouse

Circuit Judge Dist.30 Div. 09

Sarah Clay

Circuit Judge Dist.30  Div. 10

Patricia "Tish" Morris

Circuit-Family Court Judge Dist.30 Div.08

Judge Bryan Gatewood

Circuit-Family Court Judge Dist.30 Div.10

Judge Derwin Webb

District Judge 53 Dist. Div. 01

Judge Linda Dixon Bullock

District Judge 53 Dist. Div. 02

Amanda Cypert

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 01

Emily Monarch

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 03


District Judge Dist.30 Div. 04

Yvette De La Guardia

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 06

Judge Lisa Langford

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 07

Megan McDonald

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 08

Karen Faulkner

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 09

Judge Tanisha Hickerson

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 10

Judge Sara Nicholson

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 12

Judge Josephine Buckner

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 14

Judge Stephanie Burke

District Judge Dist.30 Div. 15

Mary Jude Wolford

District Judge Dist.12 1st div.

Ashley Ahrens

Jefferson County Clerk

Tina Ward Pugh (D)

Jefferson County Sheriff

Col. John Aubrey(D)

KY Supreme Court

Angela McCormick Bisig

Louisville Mayor

Craig Greenberg (D)

Metro Council Dist.03

Keisha Dorsey (D)

Metro Council Dist.05

Donna Purvis (D)

Metro Council Dist.07

Paula McCraney (D)

Metro Council Dist.09

Andrew Owen (D)

Metro Council Dist.13

Mark Fox (D)

Metro Council Dist.17

Markus Winkler (D)

Metro Council Dist.21

Betsy Ruhe (D)

Metro Council Dist.25

Amy Holton Stewart (D)

Nelson County PVA

Tracey Bonzo

Nelson County Judge Executive

Eric Shelburne (D)

Shepherdsville Mayor

Lisa Smith Carter

Shelbyville City Council

Willie Roberts

Shively Mayor

Maria Johnson(D)

Congressional District 02

Hank Linderman (D) (concurred)

Congressional District 03

Morgan McGarvey (D)

Congressional District 04

Matthew Lehman (D)

KY Senate District  26

Karen Berg (D)

KY House District 25

Katherine Leonard (D)

KY House District 28

Charles Miller(D)

KY House District 29

candidate removed

KY House District 30

Daniel Grossberg (D)(concurred)

KY House District 31

Sue Foster (D)

KY House District 32

Tina Bojanowski (D)

KY House District 33

Kate Turner (D)

KY House District 34

Sarah Stalker (D) (concurred)

KY House District 35

Lisa Willner (D)

KY House District 37

Jeff Donohue (D)

KY House District 38

Rachel Roarx (D)

KY House District 40

Nima Kulkarni (D)

KY House District 41

Josie Raymond (D)

KY House District 42

Keturah Herron (D)

KY House District 46

Alan Gentry (D)

KY House District 48

Maria Sorolis (D)

KY House District 53

Dustin Burley (D)

Constitutional Amendment 1 OPPOSE
US Senate Charles Booker (D)

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